Monday, November 30, 2009

Multitude Monday

holy experience

Sorry folks but there are so still no photos! I am truly amazed at what a (92)whirlwind weekend it was and (93)how peacefully it ended !!
94. My family is absolutely amazing!! The guys all pitched in and we got the
95. WHOLE house sorted, cleared, and cleaned by Saturday night. This involved cleaning out closets, bookcases, storage boxes, under bed storage and
96. moving too much stuff into the enclosed trailer.

We have taken so much stuff to town and (97) been able to pass on just as much! (98) God has truly blessed us with an abundance! Not just monetarily but love of family, friends, health, and the list goes on. (99-101)

102. Two interested buyers before the contract for the realtor goes into effect!
103. A realtor who will split his fee in half if one of our "contacts" purchase the house.
104. The reassurance of knowing that my hubby has a job in these uncertain times.
105. Knowing that even though it is a deployable position God will watch over us if we are apart!
106. Getting 2 airline tickets for $10 a piece!
107. The glow of short, fat candles!
108. An overabundance of candles...
109. Having friends and family with whom I can share our blessings! Both monetary and spiritual!
110. The faithfulness of our forefathers!
111. National missionaries who are willing to work diligent to spread the gospel in once hostile lands.
112. The willingness of those same missionaries to continue work as they see doors closing all around them again!
113. Cinnamon
114. organic oranges
115. freshly brewed coffee
116. heads bowed over school work in an attempt to work ahead
117. friends who I will dearly miss when we move in January!
118. knowing that one day I will be reunited with said friends. Not necessarily in our life time on earth but when we are united in Heaven with our Lord!!
119. the ability to live in a country where I am still free to worship the Lord out in the open...
120. where I can write freely about my Lord without fear of persecution.
121. being able to read the histories of those who have been persecuted for the Lord and the love that shines through their words!!

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