Monday, October 05, 2009

Multitude Monday

holy experience

31. Slightly lowered cholesterol.
32. Melting snow.
33. Cappucino candles.
34. Broken toes
35. Scoring 1st goal in soccer "career."
36. A desire to learn.
37. Spiky aloe vera plants
38. warm muffins
39. The smell of burning corn meal, least we should forget that the pizza is done.
40. Homemade pizza
41. Homemade pizza sauce sweetened with a touch of maple syrup!
42. Green grass covered in frost.
43. Long brown lashes.
44. warm quilts of polyester squares made with love by arthiritic hands long ago..
45. memories of those sweet gnarled hands as they lovingly pinched and patted my checks.
46. the combined smells of anchovies, sardines, and garlic.
47. old recipe card boxes
48. shelves overflowing with recipe books and boxes.
49. sauerkraut frementing in a crock.
50. piles of clothes all over the living room floor, too small, too big, and some too worn but all a blessing!

Once again photos will have to be added at a later date! Since everyone is at school today I decided it would be a great time to regain control of the kitchen and prepare lunch/dinner items for the freezer.
Today's list includes:
-chocolate chip cookies
-chocolate zucchini muffins
-carrot muffins
-chocolate chip banana muffins
-apple muffins
-shredded pork in the crockpot.

I'll let everyone know tomorrow (maybe..) what all was accomplished today. We cleaned the younger boys' room over the weekend and I was appalled! It isn't a wonder that they've been suffering from colds and the like with the amount of dust/dirt in their room. We moved out everything from under the bed and everything that was one the floor. After vaccuming, dusting, and picking up the trash from under the bed and dresser (how does it get under there?) we started sorting toys and clothes. The task is still not finished nor will be any time soon. We did find out that Sean has outgrown most of his winter gear but Ian has not... So this means we will be looking for winter gear for him. Snow boots, snow pants, winter coat... Thankfully he can wear his dad's and brother's hats/gloves so I guess the guys will be sharing this winter. Oh don't get me wrong! They aren't lacking for hats or gloves... We seem to have an abundance of them. At times I think they are like rabbits as we keep finding more and more pairs! But then the military has issued Chris a number of pairs over the years so I guess it is to be expected we would have a bunch!

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