Friday, October 02, 2009

Foto Friday challenge

How appropriate that this week's challenge is "Black and White." See we've been getting snow off and on all week long. Ugh, is winter here already? I am afraid so... I must admit I am even less prepared for winter this year then I was last year. How is it the snow keeps coming earlier and earlier each year we are here?
Still no word on Indiana. I would love to say I am dilligently praying for nothing more than a right attitude but such is NOT the case. Yes, I've been begging, even pleading that Chris gets this job in Indiana. I know that he is ready for the move as well. But I must admit each time that I beg and plead for God to move us, in the next breath I find myself humbly apologizing... First and foremost, I want God's will and blessing on our lives, even if it is not our hearts' desire. I want to feel His spirit moving in me. To not be overwhelmed with disappointment if someone else if found to fill the position. To have my husband not feel as though he is lacking because someone else was chosen. God has been so good to us! We have been blessed in more ways that I can count... However, He has created a desire in me to acknowledge what he has DONE and is doing in my life. There are many who do NOT know the particulars of my past, nor will they unless the Lord leds me to post them. Even though I was saved as a young child, there were times in my adolescense and young adulthood that I sought my own will. AND WAS MISERABLE!!! These are NOT times I am proud of, yet I know God brought me through them. He saved me from myself! For that I am eternally grateful!!

And now onto the Foto Friday challenge.... Thanks Rebecca, I am really enjoying this even if it is often Friday morning that I am snapping photos!

Our once "chicken coop" now sits empty and alone....

Chris and Lily

By the way, Lily is a testament to my odd sense of humor. Aside from the white cross on her chest, she is black. And what colors are lilies? White! Our last black dog was Kohl.. Our little brown dog is Caleb, Hebrew for, none other than, "dog" but it also means "faithful." I am so looking forward to this next weeks challenge! WATER... hmm, I wonder if it frozen qualifies???


  1. Peggy- I know you're not ready, but the snow is beautiful! I LOVE your chicken coop- someday we'll have them. I hope.

  2. LOVE LOVE THE SHED ONE!!! Great job! Oh and about your comment on my blog, fyi- I edit my photos ALOT so don't be discouraged! :) I use the free online photo editing site makes even my most ugliest picture beaauutiful! And Rebecca showed me how to make them super big which helps too...three cheers for Rebecca! Hip hip hooray!

    Many blessings!

  3. Hello,
    These pictures remind me of Alaska and make me a bit sad too....I sure miss it up there, though it is nice not having winter set in yet :)
    All those trees remind me of our yard up there. Thanks for a glimpse of my old home....Alaska :)

  4. Okay, so I have to tell, I am SO not ready for SNOW! It's hard to believe you are already getting a blanket of the white stuff (even though you do live in Alaska!) Pretty much perfect time for the black and white shots :)

  5. I am just *so* thrilled that you are joining up for Foto Friday! I look forward to the sneak peaks I will have!

    I think the shed one is really great and I am SUPER impressed that you never converted to black and white: it just looked that way outside. That RARELY happens that you can take a picture and fool someone (usually leaves stand out, or grass, or barn or SOMETHING!)

    Ya done good!

    (and on a side: the tree photo below is BEAUTIFUL. I love the subtle red tones of the trees~they are quite lovely!

  6. I am drawn to the white those trees and wish we had more of them here in PA. Great pictures.. wonderful contrast too.

  7. Woohoo! I didn't know you were blogging!!! Last time I popped thru your profile was just "you", no blog. Yay!

    Well, my dear... you won the drawing. Hopefully that will "light up" your day. ;-)

  8. I want to thank you all for commenting!

    Amy: Thanks for the info for the on-line editing. I tried it over the weekend but our connection was so slow I decided to forgo it for the moment.

    Under the Son: Where were you in Alaska? We are in the interior... but our steady plummet stopped so we are hovering around 40 now! Woo hoo!!

    Jemit: I know aren't the birch gorgeous! Unfortunately I am allergic to them... it's crazy as I'm allergic to most of trees up here. That's okay though as allergy shots really help!!

    Mel: Hey, yes I finally joined the land of blogging. Its addicting but I'm not very consistent. Am trying to change that slowly. :)

  9. Rebecca,

    Thank you so very much for doing this challenge! My hubby is the photographer in the family but its something I've wanted to cultivate for years. It really is kinda funny as I was the one who had the fancy schmancy camera years ago. He just naturally has a pretty good eye. Maybe its all those years working law enforcement type work! He is very observant and automatically scopes out an area when he walks into it. He is always asking me if I saw such and such... He sees things, I smell things.... Once again thanks!!

  10. I love the picture of the shed. I also enjoyed the pictures of the snow as I'm missing snow...