Monday, June 03, 2013

A Celebration.... in honor of 4 years, 200 posts, flying the coop, and high school!

Let me start this off by saying WOW!  4 years next Monday?  How did that happen?  Only 200 posts? LOL sorry but that just strikes me as completely humorous!  NO one ever said that I wasn't a bit ADDish when it came to my pursuits!! Which is more than evident is my posting or more oftentimes lack of posting... but that is okay by me.  :-) It has been a progression, kinda like my life!  Trust me I don't regret starting this blog one little bit!!  I've made some truly wonderful life long friends... some of which I've had the pleasure of actually meeting in person (yes that would include you Jen, Karianne, and Missy and some who I am still waiting to meet in real life... huh Mel (just to name one!)  Yes lady one of these days we will actually meet.  Okay the same goes for Donna and.. another lady who has truly blessed my life... oh the list could go on and on!

 (glorious sunrises)

And get this... today is THE last day of the school year... how did that happen?  Seriously... it just leaves my mind reeling!  Yep, a whole lot of change is going on here... sweet hubby is getting back from a trip to Haiti where he helped to build a church/school on the top of a mountain where there was no centralized meeting place of any sort.  Then he will be off to Quantico, VA for 5 weeks... FIVE whole weeks!  I know it is nothing compared to the deployments he used to go on but still 5 weeks??? I am hoping it will go quickly as the boys have pretty busy schedules this summer.  Well, kinda busy... especially in the late afternoons/evenings.  Yes we have marching ban practice and tennis pre-conditioning starting tomorrow.  And speaking of tomorrow, or rather this afternoon we will officially have a senior in high school as well as a freshman in high school and one just arriving at Ft Benning, GA for Army basic training.  Yes my baby will be in high school!!

(stormy nights)

Okay now on to one of the things that I've had to sit on for weeks... my first born has actually flown the coop? I dropped him off at the recruiter's yesterday afternoon.  Yes, our eldest Ian enlisted in the Army and got the job of his dreams...  he has an Army Ranger slot!!  He was over the moon happy!!  So now he is currently on a plane flying to Ft Benning, GA to start his many, many months of arduous training.  We would greatly appreciate ALL and ANY prayers for him as he has chosen a path that few are willing to undertake and even fewer actually achieve.  However this has always been the way he has done things!  Ian is definitely a man not afraid of hard undertakings!!  (ugh I was going to post a recent picture of him but realized the only one I have is one I promised to NEVER publish!  its too funny but i won't do it! lets say we were all being silly and its just kinda weird looking! ha ha!)

(summer blossoms)

Keep an eye out because I have more news later on this week!  Some surprises concerning the actual 4 year anniversary of this blog... and the ever present ADDishness of my pursuits!  There might just be giveaway involved as well (or maybe even two! because if there is something this girl is consistent about it is making things for others!!  yep love me some surprise gifting!!)

On that note I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

(french sea gull.. the same the world over!)


  1. Someday - SOMEday we shall meet. ((HUGS))

    So excited for your family and all the things in store - but my mama heart is sobbing in the corner with you. ((HUGS))

  2. What glorious photos! :)

  3. Congrats on 4 years (almost)!! I have a high school freshman, too, I hate how quickly time is passing! Congrats to your son, what an exciting opportunity for him, I know you're thrilled for him but it's so bittersweet!

  4. Congratulations on four years of blogging! That's awesome. I pray that all goes well for your son and hope his training will go smoothly.