Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Journey... to a more fit me.

Hello!  And how is everyone today?! Yes I'm feeling rather perky this morning... which is quite an accomplishment for a full fledged night owl!!  I have to admit I am feeling great!  Why? you ask... well, you see, there is a reason I have disappeared, once again, from the blog world and FB for that matter as well.  The story goes like this... back in during the winter I started to prepare for a trip to France with our middle son and the French program at his high school.  You know, doing things like trying to add in a little more walking (because our house is smaller and it takes minimal steps to get from one end to the other) and deciding what to wear.  I noticed some of my favorite spring outfits had gotten a little tight over the winter... hmm.. yes I did the inevitable!  I got on the scales!!  And do you know what?  I did NOT like what I saw... then I took a good look in the mirror, wearing minimal clothing.  THAT did it!  I mean seriously how could I have gotten this out of shape!!!  We won't discuss how much I weighed (that will be many months done the road... just know it wasn't pretty!!!)  So I started to walk a little more... and cut out the late night snacking.  Fast forward to France... oh the food was delicious but the serving sizes were smaller.  Trust me that wasn't bad at all... in fact they were the perfect size.  Yes I kept up with the group but then I got home and saw the pictures of me... that did it!  NO more couch potato!!

Yes that is me... a rather unflattering me... 
(please excuse the impassive expression and bad hair... ha ha!)

The big thing that I took away from that trip was the need for more exercise!  Fast forward to the beginning of May when I realized I had slipped back into the old routine... dinner, dishes, hours on the computer, then bed.  I did not gain anything but I was stagnant and sluggish feeling again.  Things had to change...  Fast forward to now, May 28th, 2013... a mere 8 weeks into this new trek.  I'm down 13 lbs, have lost several inches, and most importantly have tons more energy!  What am I doing?  Well first of all I am limiting my computer time... all game apps have been deleted off my FB page, browsing is kept to a bare minimum, and I no longer sit on the couch for any computer work.  Yes the couch was my safe place, my comfy place... the place I could spend hours on the computer.  Not any longer!!  OH this means I am getting to bed earlier as well and getting up earlier.  Am I in bed every single night at a reasonable hour? No, not by any stretch of the imagination but it has gotten to the point where more nights than not I am in bed and asleep around 11:00 p.m.  The addition of exercise (an arm work-out, a core work-out, and a walk every single day!!) has really been beneficial as well.  I do the arm work-out twice a day right now because I really, really want to see results!  Yes, jiggly arms be gone!!  (I'm looking forward to wearing shorter sleeves this summer!!)  Some of my additional exercise has come in the form of taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking at the opposite end of the parking lot from the store entrance, and parking at the very opposite end of the mall when I have to stop in for something.  Each extra step really adds up!  

However the biggest change has been in the kitchen and what goes in my mouth.  No, there is no non-fat, super low calorie processed foods in this house!  There has been the addition of more whole grains (preferably sprouted for ease of digestibility), more vegetables, chicken, fruits, and nuts... and LOTS and LOTS of WATER!!! Do I treat myself with food any longer?  Not so much.  I've discovered my craving for sweets has diminished tremendously and when I do eat something super sweet.. it is just that SUPER sweet!  To the point of being too sweet.  If I do have a true craving, do I deny myself?  NOPE not one bit but moderation is the key.  I've found that by eating just a single bite or even two is typically enough to satisfy that craving.  In fact that is all I will put on my plate or in my bowl.  Then I use either a demitasse spoon or a baby spoon and slowly eat my indulgence.  By slowing down and truly savoring each and every tiny bite I've learned that I don't need all that much to satisfy me.  

Do I reward myself with food any longer?  NO, No, and no!  But I do reward my self... a pack of gum with xylitol, a new bottle of finger nail polish, or repotting cuttings from a friend's succulents.  I know the finger nail polish is a crazy one, right?!  Well, if you knew me you would realize it is!  But do you know what?  At 48 I am discovering it can be kinda fun to be a bit girly!  Yes, this coming from the "girl" who has lived in a house full of males for the past 19 years!!  (and I wasn't all the girly before they came along! ha ha!) OH the third thing for me has been accountability...  I have a friend I talk to pretty close to every single time I got for a walk.  I am part of an on-line fitness group where I check in once a week with my progress as well as daily (if necessary for encouragement) as well as part of a tiny private group that encourages each other to get to bed on time.  

That being said you will be seeing more of my fitness routine, new recipes, progress updates, and photos from my walks.

(yes it is super fuzzy... that is what happens when one is laughing while trying to take a self photo while standing on a chair! lol!  Oh those jeans were too tight for me to wear while in France!!  They are now even a tiny bit loose fresh out of the dryer!)

So feel free to keep up with the progress being made!  If you are wondering what finally propelled me to get in shape after 13 years... well it was the realization that I am not getting any younger and that I finally.. FINALLY wanted to do this.. not because anyone was pressuring me but because this is the body the Lord has given me and I need to take better care of it!  I might be 48 with a teenager who is leaving home next week to begin his own journey in life as an adult but that doesn't make me old... there is still life to be lived! So I'm getting off my duff and getting back into the game!!

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. yay Peggy! I started the new year off great, and did well until I went to Vegas... since then, not so much. Still working at it, as I will always have to work at it.
    so happy you're down 13!


    1. Thank you so very much, Gail! You know I will always have to work at it as well but I am learning to not mind so much any longer! Good luck and keep up the good work my dear friend!

  2. Good for you! My husband and I had a health scare a little over a year ago.His brother had a heart attack.It was a wake up call for us both.We decided to become vegetarians and the weight just came off!I am trying to work out more and no excuses.It is much easier for me this time of the year because I love to take walks.You will do it and as you go along you will feel better that is the key!It is about the quality of life.Waking up and feeling better is a wonderful feeling :-) .

    1. Anne,
      Thank you so very much! I have to admit I do feel so much better when I head out for a walk... add to that cutting down on sugar has been incredible as well. It was crazy because it was something that just occurred slowly over time, almost unconsciously. Then a couple of weeks ago we went to the movies and I had a bunch of movie candy... ugh I felt miserable that night and most of the next day. Since then sugar has been kept at bay... I just don't have a taste for it any longer which is such a relief!

  3. Good for you! The facial expression in the first picture made me laugh - I thought you were trying to be "stoic and Euro" looking until I read the caption. Congratulations on the great strides you've already made. Not being online does make a big difference, doesn't it? For our mental health as well. ;)

    Keep up the great work!

    (And I see your lovely blue lady there too - yay!)

    1. hey Mel! Yes being off line has really made a big difference but I really need to sit down and get back into blogging... Oh and I have some news... I'll e-mail you sometime in the next week or so to give you all the deets!! I am so excited I could burst... :)

  4. Wow it sounds like you are ROCKING your fitness goals, Peggy! Amazing! It can be such a battle, but you are doing SO great. What inspiration!

  5. Good for you!! You're so inspiring, Peggy ~ I've gained since blogging, I was good at exercising before, but when time is crunched that is the first thing to go, bad girl I know! :(