Thursday, April 11, 2013

Scenes from France

Hello!  or rather Bonjour!... the greeting made to/by EVERY shop owner in France.  The past few weeks have been a true whirlwind of activity.  End of the term, Easter, preparations for a trip to Washington D.C. with the 8th grade class made by my husband and Evan, and then all the preparations for the trip to France that Sean and I made with the high school French program.  A whirlwind hardly describes life for the past few weeks.  After 8 days in France with 40 high school students and 10 adult.... well let's just say I am typing literally typing with my eyes closed right now.  And sleep, what's that?  Yes I am currently in withdrawal mode.... but I'm enjoying it.  The weather is fantastic here at home... in the 60's (something we did not see in France at all... in fact it was unseasonably cold... we even saw snow!)  but is was simply beautiful! oh i am not enjoying the withdrawal from good coffee though.  I kept my beverage of choice consumption to a minimum because I knew once I returned home the withdrawal symptoms would be monumental.  No not from the lack of caffeine but rather from the lack of good quality coffee.  It has been so long since I've had a truly wonderful cup of coffee.  One that was so smooth... so incredibly smooth that no sugar or cream was needed.  no trace of bitterness, just pure decadence!  Yes I miss my coffee!!  So if any of you have ever been to France, currently live in France, or have ever had that sublime coffee of France before please, please offer up some advice.  Yes I am willing to pay the price in order to get that kind of coffee once again.  With no further adieu I present to you but a few scenes from France.  There will be more to come in days to follow... days where I am more wide awake and can actually type with my eyes open.  days where the washing machine isn't whirring continually in the background.  Days where soft music is playing, bread is rising, and projects are underway once again.
Just a few shots from our last evening in France.... spent in Montmatre and the Eiffel tower.

the shops

Montmatre... the classic view of the city

eiffel tower on our final night

 the quintessential carousel of France


  1. ohhh how fun! I took the same trip with Jamie when she was in high school. It was fabulous! I didn't sleep for 11 days! and I do NOT drink coffee. Coffee would have been great. We can talk about it tomorrow!!! :)
    can't wait to hang out with you.

  2. what do you mean by the coffee comment? Do you like crappy coffee that you didn't want to taste the wonderful espresso that Paris offers?

    1. Yadira, I LOVED the truly delightful espresso that Paris offers! In fact the moment I had my first sip I knew I would miss it when I returned home... and I was correct. I miss it tremendously!

  3. Looks like such a wonderful trip! You have really been busy but sounds like a good busy!

  4. What wonderful memories ~ I'll never forget the trip I took in high school! What a gem you are to go with them!

  5. Peggy,

    Love the espresso in Europe! Have you found a good alternative here in the States? I remember trying to duplicate the espresso from Italy and haven't been able to. The mix of milk & espresso seems to be perfect. I love how the custom is to drink the cup of espresso while standing at the bar & not take it to go. Fun stuff!