Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow day!!

Just a few quick photos to share of our spring "storm"
(not the prettiest as I wasn't willing to venture out in pjs while waiting for the laundry to finish)
(more to come as the day progresses!)

Through the front window... our Korean Lilac bush

Drifting a little anyone?

Where is the step and the dog's bowl?

Snow anyone?
12 inches and still coming down!

As you can see I didn't venture out the doors yet... maybe once the boys are up!  

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Holy cow you did get allot of snow! Just missed us this time.Only some flurries.I hope it all melts soon!


    1. Anne, we did get a lot of snow... and we ended up with another couple of inches on top of these pictures! Crazy, huh? Its the most snow we got all winter! Thankfully all it took was the snow plows going through once to clear the roads. Have a wonderful week!