Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday... its really monday, right?

Wow has it ever been a weekend!  My dear sweet husband has been sick for well over two weeks... poor guy even ran a fever for several days.  He finally went into the doctor where it was discovered he had a sinus infection, respiratory infection, and possibly another infection.  So he was put on antibiotics which made him ache for a couple of days plus has made him photosensitive.... yep no hanging out enjoying the sunshine for him.  So he spent Saturday with me going to sales and snoozing in the car... but what a haul!

This is how much of a weekend was spent!  Enjoying the warm evening reading books!  And do you see that wonderful hammock?? We got it at a yard sale for $5!!!  Chris sanded the frame and I repainted it ORB.  And do you see the light?  I know its not the greatest picture but I made that over the weekend... using a tomato cage, a light kit, old wire, and crystals from an old chandelier.  At some point in time I am going to add more crystals but for now it is working great as it is!  Plus a sweet little spider is adding her own lace work which is definitely taking a toll on the insect population!

The last week or two has been spent on things like adding a bit of interest to pillows and making new pillow cases.

Touching up the base of the desk.

Adding this adorable chair, moving the printer, finding this sweet little typewriter that types... in cursive!!  
and gathering more bundles of lavender to dry. 

Oh how I love lavender!
(and old pottery)

Have a great week!  

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