Monday, March 26, 2012

Still here....

I am still here!  Plugging along..... :)

cooking from the pantry:  we are actually having to restock things now.  all frozen veggies, fresh fruit, and most of the frozen meat has been used in enchiladas, soups, salads, goulash, muffins, breakfast cakes, and tacos (no photos as the ravening hoards descending upon the food quicker than I could I get to the camera... and maybe just maybe I forgot to take pictures before calling them to the table.  and yes we have a no picture policy once everyone is called to dinner) and we also have some ready to eat meals in the freezer now......
        -frozen partially cooked pizza crusts
        -shredded beef/chicken taquitos
        -1 lb packages of shredded chicken
        -2 cup packages of enchilada sauce and pasta sauce
        -frozen green chile
        -chocolate chip cookie dough logs
        -numerous 2 cup containers of the most delicious chicken stock!

         -upper cabinet doors removed, awaiting painting (temperatures dropped and humidity rose so they maybe off a few more days.)
          -interiors of two cabinets painted white
          -stemmed glassware hangers hung (trust me that was no easy feat but my dear sweet husband worked on it and overcame all the obstacles such as cabinet bottoms which won't hold a screw....)
           -mixing bowls, serving bowls, and my favorite platter have now moved into the kitchen proper!  (no more traversing kitchen into dining "room" to get the necessary "equipment.")

          -finally figuring out how to easily turn arms and legs for more of these little darlings.

(inspiration: Raggedy Ann & Andy made for me by my Grandma Rose back in '75)
        -turning these little gems into barrettes and pins
        -making more flowers for pins/barrettes/headbands
        -washing fabrics to make into shopping bags/purses

in the works:
        -getting ready for spring break.
        -contemplating graduation.
        -organizing seeds for planting, weeding garden beds in preparation for planting
        -working on an article for a new e-zine.
        -contemplating a "booth" at the farmer's market
        -contemplating an etsy shop
        -spray painting everything that doesn't move too fast,
        -And last but NOT least cleaning the house and clearing out more clutter.  (took another load to the consignment shop plus one to the thrift store.)

Hope you are having a wonderful week and enjoying the spring weather (and wonderful fall weather for those who live "down under"!)   NOw I'm off to tackle the laundry room and the dining room table as it looks like the thrift store as well as our closets blew-up! :)

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  1. Hello bloggy friend:)
    Are you selling these dolls? If so would you be willing to make two for my girls? Id be happy to pay you for them...if I can afford you:) Let me know!