Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Wild/old fashioned cottage roses... handmade home

 (actual size)

Yes you see the fruit of my latest obsession.  

Wild roses, cottage roses, and french knots!

Okay in all honesty it is nothing new.  I have loved wild roses and old fashioned cottage roses for almost as long as I can remember and french knots were one of the first embroidery stitches I learned as a child.   And to be able to craft them and see them lying about when they are out of season, well lets just say it makes me VERY happy.  The one thing I almost forgot to mention is the fact that this fabulous little rose is made from none other then... a polyester shirt I found at a yard sale for... $.25, yes 25 cents!  Not only did I save a dated blouse from the landfill but it was quite the savings as well.  I love a bargain!

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  1. These are AMAZING! Love this, Peggy!

  2. Thank you so very much, Melonie!

  3. Those are beautiful! And I never could get a french knot. :( They're always small.

  4. So pretty! Fabric flowers are a current obsession of mine too! I wish I'd gone to yard sales!

  5. Awsome idea! I love re-making things from yard sale or thrift finds ;)

    xo, mrs. stone

  6. I had to go back twice to look at the pictures. Unbeleivable. It truly looks real.

  7. I love these, Peggy! You have a gift!!