Friday, December 09, 2011

I WON!! BIG Time!

Okay I know I've been missing for a while but well by now you know thats how it goes with me.  Its usually a case of feast or famine.  But right now I want to give some folks a seriously big THANK YOU!  You see I won a giveaway recently.... and when I say it was big, well ya'll I am talking super duper BIG!  I mean we are talking I seriously squealed/yelled out "NO WAY!! Seriously?"  okay so I didn't exactly squeal but when I am super duper excited I do get a bit squeaky when I yell out "NO WAY!"  Don't ask.... and Mr. Lurker (yes I know who you are!!) do NOT give the guys a hard time about this.  (yeah I know you go on your mom's account and read my blog, ha ha! Didn't think I knew, did you? hee hee!)

So I want to thank the folks at Calphalon and Lauren from Laurens Latest!  You see I won the Calphalon 3-in-1 immersion hand blender and the new Bronze Edition 3 qt Non-stick saute pan in this giveaway.  To say I am in love is an understatement!  Now I am asking for utensils so that this lovely saute pan does not get scratched.  It is simply stunning in its performance and beauty!  And you know me, I LOVE to cook (ok maybe you don't realize that but I DO, I just don't photograph it or even talk about it too much!)!!  



Once again I would like to thank the folks at Calphalon and Lauren very much!!  And I was shocked at the turnaround!  Never and I never have a won a giveaway where I had the product in hand in such a quick time.  I mean it was under a week from the time I submitted my info to Lauren to the time Calphalon had it on my doorstep!  (it may be silly but I saved the box so the saute pan can be wrapped up and put under the tree for Christmas because as far as I'm concerned this is one of my Christmas presents!!)


  1. woohooo! Peggy!!! I am so incredibly happy for you!

    way to go! enjoy!
    ps I do NOT cook. hahahaha

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats Peggy!! I'm so happy for you!!