Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lining the cabinets

I have been asked for more info so I am going to give you a few sneak peaks.
 I am thinking of lining the backs of my cabinets with this.
(don't you love pretty wrapping paper that was 75% off after Christmas at Hobby Lobby?!)
 Aged reds with lots of pattern

 Lots of white plates and serving ware

distressed edges

and more storage.

As you can see it is coming along at slow and steady pace.  HOnestly I don't know about the steady but it is coming along.  We have been taking time to enjoy summer activities such as swimming, demolition derby at the local fair, watching lightening bugs, and making popsicles!  

Hope you are taking time to enjoy the summer!


  1. How fun! I wanna see more pics!!! Love that wrapping paper!!!! I want it!!!

  2. Hey Peggy! :) I'm a very young grandma...we weren't exactly expecting our son to have a kid, but she's such a joy we're happy about it now! :) I'm 44. I enjoy taking her out because most people think she's mine, so I just let em' think it! lol :)
    Honestly, the night shot I took was before I started venturing out into the manual mode of my camera, so it's just on a preset auto mode, so no secrets here. Although if you go to youtube, you can find ALL kinds of tutorials on shooting fireworks, and shooting at night, I just haven't gotten around to watching everything yet. :)
    Hope you're doing ok..I think of you a lot!
    Oh, and I LOVE that paper you scored for your pretty!
    Missy :)

  3. peggy, thanks for stopping by threesisterz! i LOVE the updated cabinet, especially with the white china!