Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am getting a new kitchen!

Yes, you read that correctly... I am getting a NEW kitchen!!  But it will be over period of time, ha ha.  For now all I am going to tell you is that walls have been repainted, shelves are being emptied, interiors painted and lined plus baskets and jars are being collected.  And there might even be a new light fixture or two involved... (thats still in the discussion stage...)  And the best thing about the "NEW" kitchen is the cost will be fairly minimal.  Currently the only expense we are looking at is a gallon of paint, a single light fixture, a new countertop, and ... a NEW STOVE.  My current one has issues such as burning the bottoms of muffins while leaving the tops underdone, warped interior, failing elements, and a quirky thermostat... just to name a few.

The new color is Ralph Lauren's Tomato as seen here.

Here is a progression of what our kitchen has looked like:

The previous owner's decor and paint scheme.

What used to be the current look pre-flooring.

I can hardly wait to show you what all I have up my sleeve but it will have to wait a bit longer as we have a few family obligations to attend to first!

But here are a few inspiration photos to give you a better idea of what "we" are planning.


Have a Happy Independence Day
aka 4th of JULY!


  1. way cool! I hope you're doing well. Staying busy is good for the soul!

  2. Hi Peggy! :0) It really was a pleasure meeting you too..still wish we'd had more time to talk! Hope things are going better, sometimes life is just plain hard, but I think we're all a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit for....I truly hope you're ok. :)
    Looks like you've got quite a project going on in that kitchen! I LOVE before and afters of kichens! When I start to think I'm getting tired of my kitchen I go back and look at the befores and it makes me love it all over again. (if you haven't seen our kitchen makeover..the before pics are horrible...I can't imagine how anyone could do some of the things they did to our kitchen and thought they looked good!) lol
    Can't wait to see what you do to yours!
    Have a great week

  3. hello! did you see my blog? you won one of the giveaways! check it out!

  4. Oh I am so looking forward to seeing the finished project!!

  5. Oh my goodness! I need more info. You can't tease us like that. Those inspiration kitchens are to-die-for. I want to pin them all on my Pinterest boards.

    Can't wait to watch the progress. Lisa~