Saturday, May 07, 2011

Stone raised bed garden (my mother's day present!)

Do you see this incredibly sweet man?

Do you know what he is doing?

Have you figured it out?

He made me a stone raised bed garden in front of the swimming pool! 
(okay I confess I asked him to make it but still didn't he do a great job!!)
And do you know what??? It didn't cost us a single thing!!  
The whole bed is made from the remains of our old patio.

By the way... the addition sits on the spot of the old patio!

Thank you sweetie!


  1. Wow how awesome! It looks so good and what a sweetie your husband is for building it for you.

  2. Wow that's pretty awesome- I'd love to have something like that in my yard. Your husband did a great job! To answer you question about the wine glasses yes I do still use them. I have 3 and have made a pair for friends. I've found that with the Dremel you have to be patient, if you put to much pressure in one spot at once the glass can crack. And grinding down any rough edges is important. Then buffing it smooth helps give it a polished finish. It's not perfect, you would only get that if you had a kiln. But it works for me and they are my favorite glasses to drink wine out of.

  3. Well this is my first time commenting... hope it works! Love that! What an awesome hubby you have! Love seeing the pics!!!

  4. Hey dmrendon! (I know who you are but didn't want to put your name since you didn't put it!) Thank you for stopping by! As you can see I don't post as often as I ought but once the addition is done I am hoping to set up an actual schedule. You know I really wish you lived closer because I could use your good tastes in finishing the place! And we could do lunch!!

  5. Ok, so as you know I've been battling the laptop so I missed ALL of these posts until now and am catching up. The pool/garden looks AWESOME.... as does a certain guy's hat. But you knew I'd like THAT. heeheehee