Wednesday, May 04, 2011


I want to thank everyone who voted for us in the Epic Room Makeover Giveaway over at Vintage Revivals.  No we did not make it to the next round but I hopefully I will glean some wonderful ideas due to it.

Now the big news.... do you see what I see?

All the windows are now in plus our lovely sliding glass door!

See our lovely view as well!  Its an organic farm with sheep and cows and chickens and goats... all for our viewing pleasure.  I love watching the new lambs and calves frolicking!  They are so incredibly cute!

Don't you just love the view of the pool?  Do you see the grass just outside the window?  That area that runs over to the fence.  Well come early summer it is going to be a deck!  Last summer we traded our enclosed trailer for the labor to have it built this spring.  Now we just need to purchase the materials...

And do you see all the lovely morning light we get?  I can hardly wait for them to finish.... This weeks schedule looks like this... plumber to plumb itty bitty powder room.  finish pulling the electric.  finish roof overhang.  start insulating (possibly finish?). 
Yesterday, the drywall was ordered so maybe next week we will see some drywall going up.  
Which reminds me... I wonder when we need to have the flooring??? We still need to order it and were told it will take a 7 days to come in.  I guess we better get on that!

And do you see this area?  Well it is in the spare room.
One day it will be a walk-in closet but for now....
it will contain shelving for craft storage and possibly the bowflex!  

Sorry but there has been absolutely NO crafting going on right now.... I think my brain is on overload as we are attending all of the end of the school year functions.  Plus our eldest has decided he does not want to go to college right out of high school.  He wants to go into the military!  The USMC to be exact... be still my beating heart!  I am so proud of him and my prayer is that he will continue to allow God to lead him in all his decisions.  We can only hold their hand for so long before we start having to let go and watch as they make their own decisions.  Am I ready for this?  NOT in the LEAST!  But he is a young man and we cannot make his decisions concerning his future as an adult!  He has always had a pretty level head and I am so proud of his willingness to try new things!  
I love you and am so proud of you, Ian!!

my crazy boys!

(I still have no idea how he did this one!)
Don't you just love my cousin-children? 
Trust me its a question they get all the time.... 
"You mean HE'S your brother?  But you don't look anything alike!"
Yep meet fair skinned with freckles and straight red hair (coppery strawberry blonde) and mediterranean skin tone with deep brown eyes and curly brown/black hair, brothers... 5 years apart!

Enjoy your week and Cinco de Mayo tomorrow!  
We will!!


  1. peggy... it looks so great! I'm so happy for you to get this wonderful new room.
    and wow! your son USMC awesome! You have some handsome young men there!

  2. Thank you, Gail! I am getting more excited as the construction progresses and I am finding things out about myself.

    And thank you for the compliment on the boys! I personally think they are handsome but then I might be just a "little" biased, ha ha!

  3. SOOOO exciting when a room starts to come together like that! Y'all will be having so much fun in a few months!!

    USMC is awesome...I would be so very, very scared, but bursting buttons have a fine young man there!!

  4. Wow your room is really coming along. I bet you are really getting excited.Your boys are so very handsome and I admire your son for wanting to join the marines. I know that God will watch over him in all that he chooses to do.