Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Saga continues... (edited with photos)

(For the time being I will be photo free... no this is not by choice!  blogger and my computer are currently at odds. blogger refuses to acknowledge the newest downloads...)

I just now realized that I didn't tell you our "plans" for the weekend!!  It was definitely an exciting morning!!  Remember me saying we were getting new flooring in the kitchen and dining room since it will flow into the family room.  Well this morning we emptied both rooms... and started taking our old "laminate" flooring up.  Let's just say it was a day of discovery!!  ha ha!  First we discovered our laminate floor was not laminate but a really good linoleum.  Yep you read that correctly!  It had us fooled, the realtor fooled, and the previous owner fooled plus our contractor.  Crazy!
 Our discoveries:

1. linoleum not laminate

2. TONS of staples!!

3. wet subfloor and 4. mold 5. the "tiny" leak from the tub in the boys' bathroom was NOT tiny

6. the dishwasher leaks (A LOT)

7. the dishwasher is beyond repair

But the good news is:

1.  the flooring is up and prepped for the new laminate

2. the mold is cleaned up

3. the subfloor is drying nicely

4. the plumber is making the leak a higher priority

5. we looked at new dishwashers

6. removed the island and kitchen looks HuGE

7. bought family room light

8. decided on paint color for family room

9. bought a new light for the boys' room

So as you can see it was a very productive day!!

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  1. Wow. Surprises. Glad to hear you are staying cheerful through the progress.