Monday, March 14, 2011

thrift modern art

This weekend was so productive!  Saturday Sean and I spent much of the afternoon running errands and finishing up projects.  We scored a MAJOR find!  Our local Blockbuster is closing its doors (permanently closed as of today) and they were selling EVERYTHING in the store... Yep you read that, EVERYTHING!  This included all displays and cabinets.  So by Saturday evening we were the proud owners of 4 (FOUR) metal 24 inch wide double drawer cabinets which look like this.

(OKAY I NEED SOME SERIOUS HELP!!  All of a sudden when I try to upload any photos taken after March 15th I can not get them to appear in the drop down window... any suggestions?  I use a MacBook Pro and have NEVER had any issues with pictures loading before.)

(these bad boys are the height of our upright freeze!)

Are you ready for the cost?  TWENTY DOLLARS!  for all 4 of them... and one stack was even mounted on casters plus all the stuff inside.  So for  $20 we got 4 cabinets (one is currently stuck shut, possibly permanently), 4 heavy duty rolling casters, cardboard, about 50 peg board hangers, 4 4"x12" storage bins, cardboard, 6 L brackets, and some other stuff.  )

Now on to our art project. We made these awesome wall sculptures using....

 the inserts used to separate the layers of apples in a bushel box.

 Just a number coats of metallic spray paint and a utility knife were all we needed to make these. 

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  1. SO creative...and you've got me wanting to look up a Blockbuster going out of buiz...

  2. Oh my gosh! I would have thought that was a modern art piece. Hilarious! I love it.

    Our Blockbuster is going out of business here too (are they all going under?). I should go check out the deals. Thanks. Lisa~

  3. wow! you got a tone of stuff! LOVE it!
    don't ya just love spray paint! great job!

  4. Wow you hit the jackpot!! I agree you really are so creative!