Friday, March 11, 2011

Our bedroom...

Remember how I've been saying we have been clearing out the clutter... well here is our bedroom.  It only took a year to get pictures up and we still need to put up more.  Right now I am looking for frames... the finish doesn't matter because spray paint is my friend.  Just as long as it has the right character.

Do you see the pictures?  That is my mom and her twin when they were babies. 

 And there is another of them being held by their stoic German grandmother.  And we can't forget dear hubby's grandma.  The rest of the old family pictures are still in the closet awaiting their new frames.

The right side of the mirror also has my "pride and joy", ha ha!  yep it is one of our old rusty garden rake heads.  I have no idea where we came up with it but I can honestly say I love them ALL!  Yes we have more than one and they are all put to good use.  Finally a place to hang my necklaces where they won't get all tangled... yeah!!

And now for the other side of the room:

(I see we might want to hang pj bottoms somewhere else, oops!)

Do you see the picture above the bed?  Here is a close-up... 

(the lines in the upper left corner are a reflection of the ceiling fan blades)

I love this picture!  And do you know what?  Its one of those wall vinyl you can get at Target which incidentally remove your paint if you actually apply them to the wall.  So this one is applied to the glass in a frame I found at goodwill for $3.99 but wait... it was half off!  (total price $7 include vinyl because it was clearance but I used a gift card!)
  Its on the back side of the glass which helps to mute the colors a bit so that they match the quilt.  

And here we have my ever faithful companion, Lily!  She is sure to follow me whenever a picture is to be taken.  In fact you will normally find her tail somewhere along the edge of most pictures as a big black smudge. Silly girl!

We have talked about painting but it looks like it will stay on hold for a while.  I think I like the creaminess of the wall especially during winter.  Now to find a clearance puffy quilt/comforter to add another layer of plushness.... nothing to heavy just another layer for the snuggle factor. Or maybe some new pillows.  What do you think?

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  1. Your gramma could be a twin herself, of my Irish-German great grandma, Mamie!

    Love the bedroom - and the idea for the picture over the bed is awesome!!! So "stealing" this idea. ;-)

  2. Way to get things clean and organized! Enjoy it.

  3. yay! :) love the old pics and that cute artwork!
    lily looks a little lazy!