Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sorry no photos and minimal posts at this time....

First I want to say the computer issues have been resolved!  It was really odd as we still have no idea why the battery on my computer died (it was plugged in.)  But for some odd reason it just wasn't drawing electricity.
I am afraid I have no photos of our crafting projects to post... nada, zilch, zip!  Have you ever had one of those brainstorms where you just know you have the perfect project?  One where it is so simple nothing could possibly go wrong?  Well that was my week.  Project after project...incomplete, and everything that could go wrong went wrong.  paint won't dry (4 days and its still damp), glue won't set, paint peeled off, paint ran, stickers aren't sticking, needle broke, needle got stuck in sewing machine, and the list goes on... But there is a bright spot in my week... my family!  (okay so they still won't give me christmas ideas...)  My silly, goofy, love to mess around when I take a picture groups of guys!

They have comforted me, encouraged me, and even think some of the hideous ornaments are lovely!  As frustrated as I've been recently they are so supportive!  Even when they might think their mom is a silly goose for getting so emotional over a silly ornament or notebook (and they never said a single word to me about it!)

Now this next week I am going to start over... more marshmallows to make (1st batch this season was spectacular!!!!),  cookies to bake, etc.  And projects, lots of projects!  Once the paint and glue dries I will post pictures of my sad, sad ornaments.  Until then I am going to enjoy my family and the time we have together no matter how limited our time!

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