Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Will they never cease to amaze me?

You know our boys never cease to amaze me.  From they athletic ability to their good natures to their ability to adapt to new situations.  Our youngest has got the funniest sense of humor, our middle son loves music and always has a tune on his lips and at his finger tips, and our eldest is the athlete.  Speaking of my eldest... I am so proud of him.  Sunday after church (after we left the building and were on the way to the car) he pointed out that he thought I might not want to wear that outfit again.  I was shocked, I mean it was one of my favorite sweaters and skirts.  Okay, he was VERY kind about how he worded it and he was very discrete but still... Then he asked the dreaded question... "How many years have you had that skirt?"  Ok, so maybe he had me there.. I mean 6 years isn't too long to be wearing the same skirt.  So maybe it is a little faded and maybe has a few snags but still its presentable (or so I thought).  I thought I had him when I said "ok, so how about we do something about it.  We'll go shopping and YOU can help me pick out some new things."  I thought I had him.... Then my dear sweet 16 year old son gets a sly look in his and says "Sure!  Why not right now?"  I was shocked!  He had thrown down the gauntlet and who was I not to accept the challenge.  So we got lunch to go and off we went.  Just the three of us.  Yep hubby joined in the fun while the younger two stayed in the car listening to music and playing games.

(imagine this in brown)

(imagine these in both brown and black but a LOT curvier!)

An HOUR later we walked out of the store with 4 blouses (one fitted white), 3 pair of dress pants, a black blazer and one sweater all of which was at least 50% off plus an additional 20% off and we had gift cards to help pay for it as well.  I knew my son had good tastes but I was not prepared for this.  I was stylish, hip, and I had actual "outfits".  Not only that but they were picked out with other clothes I already own in mind.  I mean I've seen him dress himself and he is a SNAZZY dresser!  Where did he get those genes?  I know it wasn't from me... or maybe that's it he has all my good dresser genes.  I was wondering where they had disappeared to!  NOW I know!  In all honesty it was the best gift he could have given me!  The willing gift of his time and his talent!  I love that son of mine!  He does a mother's heart good!!


  1. Look at that wonderful son you and Chris raised! Congratulations to YOU! I love this post!

  2. How wonderful! My daughter is 16 and is not afraid to tell me when she disagrees with my fashion choices. However, it's not quite so much fun to shop for myself with her... ;)

  3. Can you send him here to shop with me? lol I really dislike shopping for myself. After years of managing clothing stores I can dress everyone else in the family really sharp - but not myself. Oy!