Monday, June 14, 2010

A day of shopping...

We are making progress... This past Friday we on a fieldtrip to Ikea. It was an eventful day to say the least! Our day started at 0700 as our eldest had his 2nd to the last driving session with the drivng instructor then it was off to Ikea. Or so we thought... After everything was said and done we didn't make it onto the road until 0900 but our drive seemed to go by rather quickly. By the end of the day we had logged 5 hours in the car and 5 hours in the store.


The rooms aren't finished but here some of our purchases....  Now just imagine the shelves laying horizontally with a keyboard on top, and matching duvets on both beds (loft w/ the Malm bed at a right angle underneath.)

The hooks will be used for hanging art supplies and whatever "treasures" a 14year old might want to store up in his at his desk.  The other set are black wrought iron and will be hung up in the "loft" for those all important "nightime supplies" an 11 year old might need to banish the scaries and boredoms!  (Think pen flash light, cough drops, glow in the dark zany bandz, tissues, rocks....)

And last but not least the soon to be assembled and finished with tong oil new dining room table!  A more slender farmhouse profile to fit our space and our lifestyle!!
Since there is no more band practice for the next 4 weeks I am looking forward to the time spent working on the house and in the kitchen!  Ah homebaked goods again and homemade pasta!!!  I see this table seeing many years of service and the scars to prove it!

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  1. I hate to bake in the summer- we don't have air conditioning so it heats up the whole house more than my liking! :) Enjoy your baking and your new purchases! It's always exciting to get new things for the house! :)