Friday, June 04, 2010

Confession time....

Well, I guess it is time to come clean.  No I've done very little decorating recently... I just couldn't!  You see I've have some issues coming to grips with the fact that this is such a small house.  Honestly, I didn't think it would matter.  I mean I lived my entire life, prior to marriage, in itty bitty teeny tiny abodes.  We are talking anything from 2 bedroom military housing (700 square feet, apartment) to dorm rooms to the largest at 1000 square feet with a lovely yard.  Now I never thought anything of it until I was a junior in high school and we lived in a duplex, prior to that everyone else I knew was in the same boat (military families.) But now I discovered most of my friends lived in houses with basements, 2 bathrooms, family rooms, garages and big yards.  Did I also mention square footage of 2000 or more feet?  I honestly never gave it a second thought.  Even then I didn't think much because, well, I was an only child and it seemed big enough for our needs.  Well, enter marriage... We started in a lovely studio apartment that really wasn't a studio.  The only reason they called it a studio was there was only a doorway to the bedroom, no door!  But still it seemed huge!!  6 months later, we bought our FIRST house. Built in 1906 it had gorgeous hard wood floors, tall windows, incredible woodwork and space... It was a dream, well sorta but we loved it!  Through a series of moves we have moved into larger houses with more space, not just inside but outside as well.  The last place was 1850 square feet on 10 acres... 10 glorious acres to roam, build and play on!  Room to house critters and plants alike.  Enter our latest move... Now don't get me wrong I love Indiana... I'm just having problems coming to terms that we are limited on space and are on the opposite side of the school district.  Yep, everyone's friends live on the other side of town and it is sooo far to drive over here... Puuuleasssssssssssse!  Come on folks, we are talking 20 minutes in traffic!  Okay, now I've had my whine...   As I was saying it has taken some time but I am coming to terms.  Yep, we live in what could be defined as a cottage!  So my thoughts have been why not embrace it!  BUT... yes, there is that infernal word that I ALWAYS get after our boys for using... but I was feeling intimidated and pressured.  No NO ONE was putting any pressure on me but myself.  I felt I had to live up to everyone else's standards.  I know all our friends have HUGE houses but who says I have to!  I've always said quality is what counted not quantity!!  So now is the time to practice what I preach.  For years I've told my husband I wanted to live in a quaint little cottage.  We even looked a tiny little place when we lived in Ohio.  (granted it sat on 5 acres, had trees, and a pond but says I can't do the same thing but on a smaller scale!!)  We have gorgeous views, no trees but still a gorgeous view.  Who says we can't have a pond, even if we have to dig it out ourselves (oh how I wish we had our tractor here... it is at my in-laws 600 miles away but we do have farmer friends... hmm!)  Yep a pond to swim in and wade in... Flowers to smell and cut.  And most importantly a place where we can gather together as a family!  A home!

So things are going to take a little longer as I rethink my decorating... (battery has died once again the camera so I think either the charger or the battery is cooked!  It just won't hold a charge for long so no pictures until we can get it figured out!!)


  1. Thanks you so much for your comment on my blog. I've decided to start a recipe collection on my blog. For anyone who has simple but tasty links.
    I appreciate any help I can get.

  2. It's difficult to get motivated in less than favorable conditions (ie, you moved into a much smaller space so your things will feel cluttered no matter how hard you try)

    Our house, although bigger is built differently (huge bedrooms and small narrow hallways) so believe it or not, I ended up having problems with things not fitting either. My craft things are still all held up in the basement at this point, including my desk, cupboard, etc..

    Have you thought of having a yard sale? Maybe getting rid of a few things that don't fit in your new home, while meeting new people out there might help you feel more at home so to speak? Just a suggestion :)

    Miss Ya! Elizabeth