Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow, snow, and more snow!!

Where did the week go? I had planned to sit down on Monday to post Multitude Monday and well now it is Wednesday! In all honesty, I do not remember much of Monday. Chris was gone most of last week which resulted in me not sleeping more than 4 hours a night. Boy do I miss that man when he is gone!! After 19 years of marriage he is still my best friend and I look forward to every day God gives me with him!! Ok, some days I don't look forward to as much as others but I still am grateful God has given me such a wonderful, kind, loving, gentle man for my husband. I look back and think of how disobedient I was at the time and marvel! As some of you may know I went through a time of rebellion. I'll spare you the details as they aren't pretty... Just know that I wasn't living in God's will and was miserable. Even my dating Chris was rebellious as Chris was NOT a christian and I was.. (We were most definitely unequally yoked!!) However God blessed me... Chris accepted the Lord as his personal Lord and Saviour within 6 months of our getting married and my heart was softened. No I DO NOT recommend this route for others!! But I think it was also a means to turn my life around! I do NOT know where I would be if it hadn't been for those events! When we got married, well it was for life! And it still is for LIFE! I thank God daily for this man I call my husband!

Oh my I digress!! Nothing like a little bit of "soap-boxing"!

It is snowing! It started Monday evening and has been gently snowing every since. At last count I would say we have about 4 to 6 inches of the fluffing white stuff! And... drum roll!! The temperatures are absolutely gorgeous! 25 to 30 degrees!! I try to ignore the fact that it is still October!

This week has been a busy week so far. I've made two breakfast casseroles, a batch of gnocchi, 6 lbs of chicken "nuggets", 4 lbs of barbecued chicken legs, 4 lbs of teriyaki chicken legs (I thought I grabbed the chicken wings on sale but got these by mistake but they were even cheaper at .65 a lb!!), and 4 lbs of shredded barbecued chicken all for the freezer. We also made a nutella filled brioche loaf. Good but next time I think we will shape them as croissants. Did I mention what the "little" dog did last week? Caleb knocked the container of our whole wheat fruit hand pies off the container and ate every LAST remaining one! I mean we are talking a cute little 14 lb dog here and it was 11 fruit hand pies!! I was only gone for 10 minutes and thought I could leave him in the house for that short of a time. Who knew he could jump up and knock them off! So now I have the dough in the refrigerator to make another batch. And no he didn't get truly sick! His belly was beyond FAT and he just laid around for about 12 hours and then was up like nothing was wrong!!

(Yes I know there are those of you who knew of my "no animals on the furniture" policy.. It is the thing he is allowed on, and he is really good about not getting on any other furniture!)

Speaking of projects...

Here are the fabrics for the shopping bags and reversible book bags! The book bags will have denim on one side (BOYS thank you for all the holey "worn-out" jeans!!) and the cool girlie print on the other.

I love stripes, polka dots, and flowers! Once they are completed I will post a picture...

Oh,oh,oh... It looks like we may find out something official this week about the job in Indiana. I feel so bad because we just found out that the hiring official has been out with the flu! Poor thing... I pray she is feeling better now!!

Well I better get a move on as the sewing machine is beckoning me as well as a HUGE pile of magazines. I am determined to get them sorted and find a new home for them, preferably in the hands of someone else who can enjoy them!

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  1. I love your choice in fabrics~ They are wonderful :) Post an after picture- I know you said you would but really do :)