Friday, October 23, 2009

Foto Friday: Berries

I must say I was really skeptical about this week's challenge. I mean, where was I going to get berries? Chris was going to Anchorage for the week and I had no plans to drive to town until today. Ok, so I won't be driving to town, Chris will be driving me to town since he is now home! Yes, once "winter" gets here I kindly relinquish all driving responsibilities to him No snow yet (or even in the forecast) but there is the possibility of ice so... NO Thank-you! I'll leave the hill driving to someone else, like my wonderfully capable husband. Who, might I add, has been through a government sponsored/recognized tactical driving course where he learned to drive in CRAZY conditions. Like when are you EVER going to need to know how to ram someones car off the road. Maybe if you live in LA? Road Rage anyone? Ok, I digress!! Where was I? Ah, the berries... Then inspiration hit... Or maybe it was the realization that I still had a 1 gallon bag of wild cranberries sitting in the refrigerator waiting to be processed (where they still wait!) And what about the bags of raspberries in the freezer picked from our garden earlier this "summer".

Oh so delicious, lingonberries!
(aka lowbush, wild cranberries)

Lingonberries and wild raspberries from our "backyard."



So I hope you enjoy this weeks Foto Friday! Drop on over to Rebecca's at Renaissance to see all the other photos, pick up some great ideas, and possibly even add a submission of your own!


  1. That is really mom posted cackleberries too...I thought it was just something that was made up...ha...I stand corrected.

    Your berries are sooo delicious looking! Fabulous job!!

  2. I love the second photo. It looks cool and refreshing.

  3. Beautiful! I really like the contrast in the second photo--the frost on the raspberries next to the vibrant red cranberry. Great job!

  4. Are lingonberries as tart as a regular cranberry?
    Beautiful pictures

  5. I always wondered what lingon berries were, I feel educated now!
    These look so lovely, I want to scoop up a handful and munch, tart as they are!
    And a question: WHAT are taterberries?

  6. LOVE that first picture!!! Beautiful!

  7. Bonnie,

    Taterberries is what our eldest called under ripe lingonberries when we first moved up here 4 years ago. So the name has stuck! We make taterberry jam and jelly! ha ha!!


    Lingonberries are more tart than a traditional cranberry. They also contain more vitamin C as well. In fact the rosehips of wild roses contain more vitamin C the farther north you go! Isn't it awesome how God provided for something as essential as vitamin C even in the climates this far north. And the fact that the farther north a person lives the more vitamin C they need is taken care of through God's providence is incredible as well.

  8. Okay, you get the prize this week (if there were prizes) How difficult to be in an area where berries are very hard to come by...You don't comprehend these things when you have a small store walking distance from your home, not to mention 2 full grocery stores and even a small farmer's market.

    You did an AMAZING job finding ways to capture berries when few were available!

    I never knew of cackleberries, and I absolutely LOVED the frosty raspberries and wild cranberries- I am completely impressed :)