Thursday, October 15, 2009

Foto Friday (delayed until Thursday, Water...)

Okay folks this is only 6 to 7 days late but I did get it in before the Friday cut-off!! See we were down in Anchorage for the regional soccer tournament and well, frankly, we were kinda busy... Did I mention we were acting as chaperones and sleeping in a gymnasium as well?

The water shots are of Turnagain Arm... the tidal flats to be exact. The tide was out, more or less. I had hoped for close up shots but we just never got down to the waters edge. Oh there has been no editing done to these pictures either. Our old program died and until today we didn't have the internet speed necessary to use the on-line programs.

Since we were at a soccer tournament I am including some soccer pictures as well. It was really windy on Saturday with gusts up to 75 miles an hour which made for some interesting soccer!! No real actions shots as the wind was blowing too hard to hold the camera steady but a good one of the team any way!

By the way, we now have high speed internet and it is so awesome. No more busy signals, no more dial-up and best of all... No more waiting for 10 minutes for pictures to load!

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