Friday, November 21, 2014

Life at large

How quickly the months pass... so much has gone on this year and I know the months and years ahead will be just as full and race by.  After my last post I decided to take some much needed down time.  I realized that since our move here the posting had become sporadic at best and simply non-existant at times with no explanation.  Basically it comes down to my children are young adults now and the time we have with them is fleeting. Some are more reserved so in an effort to respect they requests and focus on my family I simply felt it was best to take some time away.  I can honestly say I discovered I miss my time on here but am still not sure what our future holds or for that matter my role in our future.  Thankfully I have a loving and supportive husband who encourages me in all and any undertakings... for that matter my whole family is a great source of encouragement.

I won't go into a great detail at the moment but did want to share just a bit of what has been going on.... it does this momma good to see her children follow their passions and to see their relationships with each other flourishing.

culinary competitions... his team placed first for appetizer

 graduation... 4 friends starting new chapters of their lives.  

baking... lots of baking trying to perfect new recipes for different projects

another graduation... this time from Army Basic training

two of my loves together proudly serving our country

Home for a visit... brothers being brothers

gorgeous older buildings in unexpectedly places


quiet times... just enjoying being together

unexpected treasures

who knew there were actually beaches in Indiana?  
not this California born, Army brat turned AF wife and now Army mother.
loved it!

another seagull to add to my collection...

tired out after a day of surf, sun, and fun
this reminds me of when they were tiny!

weekends filled with the Farmer's market

long walks in the woods after dinner while the young one did homework.
slowly trying to ease into what will all too soon be an empty nest.
I am so NOT ready!  
Thankfully I still have a little over two years... maybe more if he decides to stay at home for college.

one last project... hauling "new" old cabinets for the laundry room.
She served us well for the past 9 years and is now off in the Pacific Northwest with her new owner.
our eldest bought her from us and is now starting his own new adventures...
skiing, mountain climbing, and any other daring adventure he and his friends can think up!

Breaks from studying to enjoy walks through the fields as he continues his education in preparation for a retirement from a long military career.
we have many new paths before us.... and the timing is still a mystery.
continue military service?
possibly retirement in a couple of years?
deployments in the near future?

There have been months of changes behind us and even more ahead.  The starting of a new business (more on that at a later date), the approach of milestones this coming year with a 50th birthday, a 21st birthday, 16th birthday and a new licensed driver next fall, plus our 25th anniversary.  A first time deployment for one boy, a brand new duty station for the other and possible culinary school, and a bit of travel.

yes its a year of change for us and I can honestly say I am excited to see how it all unfolds.  excited about the prospect of getting back to writing!  how i've missed these pages and interacting with you all! Thank you for those who have continued to follow along.  You have no idea how my life has been graced by some of the friend ships mad through the pages of this blog.  I know some have come and some have gone but a few have become friends of the heart.  blessings beyond words!  Thank you, thank you so very much for being a part of my life!  

may you enjoy this season of thanksgiving and the holidays season we are quickly entering.  may you remember to give thanks throughout the year.. day in and day out.. in all seasons... for all reasons.

In every thing GIVE THANKS
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus 
concerning you.
I Thessalonians 5:18


  1. So glad to "see" you today and get a chance to catch up on your happenings! {{hugs}} If your young man in our neck of the woods wants somewhere to go for Thanksgiving, we'll be at Nana's senior center. He is welcome to join us! Can't wait to hear more about the business and how things are going for you all. Have a safe, happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you so very much for the offer! I will be sure to pass it along to him! I am so happy to "see" you! I've missed you. I e-mailed but am not sure if you received it as I just discovered a number of our e-mails never sent even though they showed up in the sent file. Have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  2. So fun to see this pop up Peggy! :) Wow, you have been busy, thanks for keeping us in the loop, I'm right there with you as far as the empty nest, I have a couple years left and am NOT ready either. I loved seeing the pics of all your guys and their adventures. Take care. xoxo, Pam

    1. If I don't end up on here before Thanksgiving I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, Pam! It just doesn't seem possible that they have grown up this quickly, does it? Have a wonderful week! Tare care now, peggy

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