Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving!

(Okay so it isn't Thanksgiving yet but) it is definitely a season for giving THANKS!  But then in all honesty each day OUGHT to be a season for giving thanks... I know, I'm preaching but trust me its more to myself than anyone else.  You see for a time there I was SO caught up in the busyness of our lives that I started to forget about truly living in the moment, enjoying the time we have with our boys, relishing those snippets of time driving the them for one place to another, being grateful for the season we are in... So I disappeared from here.  I know, I know, I do this on a regular basis but this time it was due to intent, not neglect.  You see I've been working hard to bring balance into my life.... for a time I was too caught up in every thing, unable to allow myself to say "no", and a place where I was feeling so overwhelmed, mentally and physically and spiritually.

Living a life filled with too much..... yet too little.  So changes were made, actually are still being made. Time is being carved out for more meaningful pursuits and priorities evaluated as time is such a precious commodity.  When I look around me it is even more evident as Ian is currently in his final bit of training (for the time being), Sean is in the midst of his senior year in high school awaiting graduation and then he too will leave to pursue a career in the culinary arts in the Army, and Evan is a freshman in high school.  I want the boys to have fond memories of home... memories of a refuge from the storm, a place to gather with their friends, to laugh, to live knowing they are cherished, creating together, and being lavished with the love of family!  Being boys i know that for them food speaks volumes... homemade pizza, fresh baked bread, preservative free jam, whole grain crackers made with love, a hot cup of tea in a cup bought with them in mind.  They are simple, yet complex and I love them so much!  I am proud of the men they are becoming.

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