Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer recap & a sneak peak

I am sitting here this morning wondering where the past 2 months went.  Are you feeling the same way?  Can you believe school is back in session already?  How did that happen?  I mean, wasn't it just June yesterday? Can September truly be just around the corner?  ALREADY?  

I don't know about you but I truly feel like the years are speeding by... seriously!  I am still reeling over the fact that my BABY started high school 2 weeks ago.  SERIOUSLY, folks!  He is a freshman and now taller than me.  Okay so that part wasn't much of a stretch as I'm only 5'2" but still... add to that the fact that middle boy is now a senior and the eldest left for Army bootcamp back in June.  WOW!

So what have I been up to all summer... well let me see... my sweet hubby was out of town for 5 weeks meaning he was gone the entire month of June.  Upon his return home we... well.. what did we do?  Oh yes, he went back to work and the boys were heavily involved with fall sport conditioning programs, marching band camp, and cross country camp.  So yes I spent a LOT of time in the car... playing chauffeur.  Do you know what?  I LOVED it!  The discussions we had... they ranged from down right silly to thought provoking discussions about the future to just enjoyable chit chat.  I would NOT trade all the time we spent driving here, there, hither & yon for anything in the world.

There were also weekly trips to the local farmer's market... 

a day trip into Chicago (a first for our family) which included the Navy Pier, Ikea (always a family favorite), and the Hard Rock Cafe (another favorite of the boys.)

One of the other things that has gone on this summer is converting this room...

(this actually looks cleaned up compared to when the bed was still in here...)

into a studio of sorts.

Here is a sneak peak of the room:

Even though it flew by it was a good summer filled with family, out of town friends, and relaxing days!

I have to admit I am excited about this school year though... you see Sean is taking culinary courses at the local career center in addition to his regular senior class load (which is remarkably light).  Yes we have been having fun in the kitchen already.  I love watching him discuss their latest class project or his lab time.  His eyes light up and he becomes so passionate!  In all honesty I think that is one of the delights of parenting is watching our children discover the passions they will carry over into their adult lives... to see their eyes light up and listen in on the animated discussions!  


  1. Such a sweet post! Sounds like you all have had a great Summer!

    1. Alicia,
      Thank you so much for dropping by! We did have a wonderful summer even if there were some bittersweet moments as our eldest left home to join the Army. I saw your tomato score... how wonderful! Enjoy them! I'll keep an eye out so see what you do with them! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Anonymous12:10 AM

    your studio looks like so much fun! did you thrift or antique that wagon wheel of goodness? :)i LOVE it!

    1. Thank you! It is so much fun! You should see it right now though.... I have the floor covered in a painting project, ha ha! The clock is make from a bicycle tire that I got for free from a bicycle shop! Yes, free!! How cool is that?! I need to finish putting my numbers on it and then showing it to the gentleman who gave it to me. Have a wonderful day my friend! Are you going to Influence this year?