Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A little day to day....

Just wanted to pop in to say hello!  No I haven't forgotten about you... in fact I think about you all and this blog quite often.  I've been taking more to time with my family recently... they grow up too quickly.  So between swim practices/meets, getting ready for a trip to France, battling colds and winter crud, taxes and college registration, college visits and more clutter control this is pretty much what has been going on in our home....

Been listing to a lot of this and this... 

Adding a bit of greenery in the form of this.

 new storage!  gotta love a good deal at TJ Max!  

pretty beads from here

and if we had smell-o-vision you would smell hints of chocolate, homemade pasta sauce, and the underlying hint of acrylic paint. 

Have a wonderful day!!

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