Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Paint, paint, and more paint!

The kitchen is coming along quite nicely and yes with any project there seem to be delays.  Which in our case is a good thing!  And I mean super, duper, incredibly awesome thing!!  You see when we started this "project" we were seriously considering getting a new oven, new countertops, and a new exhaust fan but the issue was we didn't really NEED these items.  Okay the exhaust fan might be the exception as our current exhaust fan is a recirculating fan and let me tell you it does a FINE job of recirculating odors and smoke (from cornmeal when we have pizza) throughout the WHOLE house... yeah NOT exactly the job I would like it to do!!  Let's just say the boys like to make comments like "oh we knew the pizza was done because the smoke detector just went off..."  Ha ha ha!  Funny guys!  And no it isn't because the pizza is burnt but rather the cornmeal which inevitably ends up on the floor of the oven... yeah not a pretty sight! :)

Oh my I digress!  Sorry... we were talking about the good things caused by the delay.  You see last week I was painting furiously away when I took a step which resulted in pulled ligaments in my foot.... How did that happen?  Uh, I have NO earthly idea!  I mean seriously, NOT a clue!  One minute I'm painting, the next minute I can't put my foot flat on the floor without wanting to cry.  But I could tiptoe, which by the way is a GREAT calf workout!!  So much of the weekend was spent with my foot up.... looking over OLD magazines and notes.  I mean, seriously OLD!  Okay not that old but according to the guys they were practically ancient.... (Martha Stewart Living from the early 90's)  It was when it hit me that I've been enamored with white cottage style kitchens for over 20 years.  All the clippings of my "dream" kitchens had white beadboard cabinets, wrought iron hinges, wood bowls, white serving pieces, bits of aqua & red "accents", and butcher block tables.  So we took the old hinges and gussied them up.  The stove works fine but well it looks ugly... SO.... we are painting it!  Yep high heat spray paint or appliance paint (I have to check the specs again because I can't remember it the appliance paint will work.)  I've used them before and they worked like a charm.  So now the exhaust fan and stove will be black.

Here's a sneak peek of how things have progressed.....

As I write the bottom door and drawer fronts have had their final coat of paint and are awaiting installation.  Next to come..... "updated" stove and exhaust fan.  Final two projects countertop conversion and island makeover.

Materials purchased to date:
ORB spray paint:  hinges and handles
Zinzer primer
Valspar Kitchen and Bath Enamel
3 cupped drawer pulls
5 drawer handles
3 under-the-counter stemmed ware glass holders

HOpe you are having a wonderful week and having gorgeous weather!  The boys are out of school this week for spring break so they have been great about helping out where needed in addition to just goofing around!



  1. wow! your kitchen is looking fabulous! doesn't it make you smile!?

    1. Thank you, Gail! It does make me smile... in fact it makes me giddy beyond belief!! And Chris put the last of the drawer fronts and door while I was resting this evening. He is such a sweetie especially when he knows that a weather front is coming in.... :) Tomorrow I am going to do a little tweaking on the stove... we may not paint the whole thing after all, just a little accent paint here and there.