Monday, March 07, 2011

Keepin' busy with legos and feet!

I keep putting off posting because well I just didn't feel there was anything blog worthy of posting... no projects completed, crafting transpired but then I realized Wow we have been really busy!!  And I have good news the camera was found!! and the checkbook!!!  and the corners of the dining room!!!!

You see our days have recently been filled with:

Recovering from foot surgery
(can you tell he was feeling no pain???)

the making of batches of applesauce to eat fresh 
and frozen

The sorting of Legos
(this is approximately 1/20 of those sorted!)

While revisiting "old friends" by way of A&E's 
"Pride and Prejudice!"  
Yep the entire mini series!!
I know the guys were so "excited" but they stayed and watched the whole thing while helping sort Legos.

Did I mention there has been LOTS of cleaning going on as well?  
As in I can see the corners of the dining room and the top of the island has been clear for
4 (yes FOUR) DAYS!

Now I am off to wash said Legos... yes they are disgusting and if I plan on selling them on eBay I just can't stand the idea of sending them off so DISGUSTING!  I am going to place them in a zippered mesh bag and throw them in with the towels to wash.  We shall see how they come out!  


  1. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Homemade applesauce sounds amazing!

    New follower from Circle of Bliss :)

    Heather @ A Table for Ten, Please

  2. So did the towel/bag idea work??? I like that idea for Duplo cleaning better than trying to spray/wipe with Lysol.

  3. The mesh bag with the towels worked great! My only advice is to make sure you don't have any skinny rods int he bag as they escape through the holes... oops! Oh and we have a front loading washing machine so there is no agitator to get tangled in. I think it would still work in a top loading machine as long as your bag wasn't too full. (our bag was stuffed full!)