Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mon Petit Ouiseau bleu (my little bluebird) ornament

I have a confession to make... Remember how I always say I am not a girly girl?  How my idea of sparkly is old mercury glass and chrome?  Well there is a teeny tiny bit of girliness to me... I LOVE glitter!  Especially Martha Stewart glitter!  It makes me swoon.  Yes you read that correctly, SWOON!   But do I use it... nope! Not normally.  It sits on a shelf it its teeny, tiny little canisters catching the light, sparkling until November.  Yes, each and every November I bring out my minuscule canisters of Martha Stewart glitter when the conditions are just right.  Its normally a cold, windy day where the sun shines brightly so that it will glisten and sparkle even more.  And I make birds.  Doves, bluebirds, birds from old Christmas cards, cardinals, jays, and birds from pretty papers that once lived their lives as shopping bags (thank you Starbucks and Panera for such attractive wrappings!)  Out come the jars of clear glass beads to adorn birds made from old linen skirts, cast-off Carhartts, and sweaters long ago out grown.

So today I give the first in 2011's bird series.  My little bluebird who hangs askew but makes my heart sing!

mon petit ouiseau bleu

Version deux of mon petit ouiseau bleu living outside our room.

And mon petit ouiseau bleu back lit.

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special


  1. Anonymous3:08 PM

    It's like the twitter bird!

  2. Hi Peggy!! :) Thanks for your lovely words about my hubby, you're so sweet! He really is a humble guy, but he deserves this so much!
    Hey, did your son get to school to the drum corp tryouts? My hubby was in the Cincinnati drum and bugle corp way back in the day. :) He is SO talented. He's in his drum room right now practicing as I type this, so I'm typing to a beat! :) lol
    Hope you're doing well!

  3. Anon... I have never noticed the "twitter" bird. This is just the basic shape that I have used since I was a girl in school. :)