Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fire Roasted Chile peppers

Nothing says fall (or summer for that matter) to me quite like the smell of fire roasted chile peppers!  It takes me back to my days in Denver as a young adult... a gentle breeze, cloudless skies, the sun gleaming high in the sky and peppers roasting in big barrel roasters on street corners and in parking lots!  How I love that tang in the air!!!  So this spring when a friend offered me pepper plants I almost squealed with glee (i might have squeaked just a little ha ha!)... fast forward several months and this is what you see my friends.
Much neglected plants and the basket filled twice!

Today I roasted the peppers!  
And they are truly sublime!

 A couple of racks later....

I found it rather ironic that the only brown bag of size I could find was from Chipotle's mexican restaurant.

And here we have the mixed "bag" of peppers which will be smoked, seeded, and then dried to make chipotle powder.  
(my mouth if watering already just thinking about the dishes we will have this winter!)

In a couple of hours

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