Thursday, August 11, 2011

A to Z of.....

You know I've seen this done a bit recently and decided to "join" in so to speak.... especially since I've been so negligent of this blog.  But summer is soon coming to an end so maybe things will change.  :)
So here goes... the A to Z of me

A. age :: 46

B. bed size :: queen

C. chore you hate :: mopping the floors

D. dogs :: Lily

E. essential start to your day :: hmmm I do like a good cup of coffee but its not always essential.

F. favorite color :: orange, chocolate brown, aqua, but in pretty much all the colors under the rainbow (aside from garish colors like mustard yellow and avocado green!)

G. gold or silver :: silver

H. height :: five.feet.two

I. instruments you play :: piano (kinda)

J. job title :: mama, wife, friend, daughter

K. kids :: ian, sean, and evan (our three john's)

L. live :: indiana

M. maiden name :: monroe

N. nicknames :: peggs, honey

O. overnight hospital stays ::tonsils at 19, and then all three of my "babies"

P. pet peeve :: mean people, talking with food in your mouth

Q. quote ::
 "but they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.  Isaiah 40:31"
R. righty or lefty :: right

S. siblings :: none

T. time you wake up :: 6 a.m. during the school year and whenever during the summer

U. university attended :: Metropolitan State College (Denver), Metropolitan Community College (Omaha) but I've never managed to get a degree even though I have enough credits....maybe in the near future.

V. vegetables you dislike: endive but I like a LOT of veggies!

W. what makes you run late :: my own self and sometimes a certain other who will remain nameless. :)

X. x-rays you’ve had :: multiple head x-rays due to bad sinuses, one arm and all the normal teeth x-rays.

Y. yummy food :: pizza, mexican, italian, etc... there is a reason for my "curvy" figure but I am starting to get pickier as I get older.

Z. zoo animal favorite :: monkeys, elephants, and most anything they will let you pet!  I LOVE animals!

So there you go, a little peek into my quiet life!


  1. cool post! :)
    thanks for a peek into your quiet life.

  2. I would love to learn how to play piano. I even took a beginners course in college(and somehow got an A) but I learned NOTHING. I guess I hoped and expected it to come as easy to me as flute did. But its not the case. Hoping someday one of my girls will want to learn. Im aching to get an old upright into this home of ours:)

  3. great list! thanks for sharing :)

  4. This is such a cute post and lets us get to know you better!!