Thursday, August 25, 2011

Camera craziness and a blogging hiatus

You are not going to believe this but I finally have (or make that had!) a blogging schedule.  Yep twice a week, the time is marked on my calendar, and all is ready to go.  I've been taking pictures, crafting, cleaning, sewing, and organizing... Did I mention taking pictures?  Well a bit ago we discovered the cord to the charger for my camera battery is missing.  No problem, there is still a charge.  Until my son goes to take a picture of the moon and what... its dead.  What do you mean its dead? I ask.  Apparently my camera had been left on. ugh.... okay no problem we have more cameras!  Get out the old digital camera.  Ah success!  Gorgeous pictures of the evening sky and moon rising.  Okay so lets download these bad boys...
We popped out the memory card and wait... seriously wait for it folks... the card DOES NOT fit any of our computers or printers.  Yes it is obsolete!  Okay lets grab the cord... NO it doesn't work either.
Yes you read that correctly!  We now have two obsolete cameras from which we cannot download pictures, one missing cord, one cord which does not fit any cameras, and one broken cord.

So until 
1. we find the old battery charger and cord
b. we buy a new charger.

We will be without cameras.  Yes I can take pictures with my camera but can't figure out how to load them.  One other thing... we did find one camera with its cord but my computer has decided that that particular camera contains NO pictures.

So I am going back to my sewing and preserving and junk sorting filled days.
  Maybe we will even have stuff to sell on eBay.  Oh wait that means taking pictures! 


(it might be a tiny bit frustrating but its okay as work is getting done here!!)

Hope you have a wonderful week and are enjoying the remaining summer days!  


  1. Wow you really have had some challenges!! I hope you find your charger and cord really soon because I look forward to seeing some of the pictures you have been taking!!

  2. Anonymous10:34 PM

    What kind of battery does it take? it seems like a pain that you have to use the same battery over and over with a charger. It would make more sense to have a cord that plugs into the camera and charges the battery while it is still in the camera.

  3. Yes having a cord that charges the camera would make sense but this camera is a bit older so that was not an option when we purchased it. I know there are those who would just go out and buy a new camera but currently that is NOT an option. So we will continue on with what we have... :)

  4. Hey Peggy! :) Did your son like the Ale 8 one he had when he was in KY? My son loves them..I think they taste fact, I call them pee water! lol :)
    I'm so sorry about your poor dear! my hubby bought me a little adapter thingy with a usb cord on one end and a little flat box on the other that accepts three different kinds of memory cards..maybe that would be an option for you. It's made by a company named Targus. Here's a tells what kind of cards it reads. :)
    Hope that helps!