Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Paint, paint, and more paint!

Have I got some surprises up  my sleeves for you!  Well for my whole family in all honesty... our youngest is the only one who is completely in the know and he's keeping mum!

All I can say is...




(Have you noticed how odd the word paint looks when you write it betimes?)

(okay if you haven't noticed I have a thing for archaic words... ha ha)

Yes we are talking multiple rooms, furniture, and accessories! Once done our eldest will have a "new" bedroom, the brand new half bath will be accessorized, and we will have a "new" kitchen.  The cost is being kept at a minimum with paint, "found" accessories, and a few new items such as shelf brackets from Ikea.  Yep we are planning a DAY trip to Ikea... hopefully tomorrow depending on how my sweet husband feels.  Otherwise we will head down to Indy for a day of shopping instead... 

Hope you have a great week!

Hopefully I'll be back later this week with updates but I won't make any promises as we have a birthday to celebrate!

An afternoon spent with FIVE 12 to 13 year old boys!
(we are praying for warm temperatures so they can spend the afternoon swimming!)


  1. cool! Lots going on! Save some money for Saturday! :)


  2. Hi Peggy! It was really nice meeting you on Saturday...what a great day! :) I'm your newest follower and I'm not sure why I wasn't following you already if you're int he circle of bliss...hmmmm...I guess I need to go over that list again! :)
    Have a great weekend
    Missy :)