Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wait, where did it go???

Okay, I know it was here somewhere... Our back to school post.. I mean what happened to it?  Okay now that we officially know I am less than computer literate, we will re-post (well make that more like rewrite the missing portions that disappeared into cyberspace!)

Can you believe it the school year is upon us again?  I mean I know the boys are excited and it will be an all new adventure.  What with this being their first FULL year in this school district.  There are a few changes... Our eldest now has his driver's license so he will be driving to school, our middle is now in high school (how did that happen I ask you?) and will be riding to school with his brother.  Did I mention football practice immediately after school plus Saturday mornings?  Or marching band practice in the evenings twice a week? and the youngest?  Well he is at the same school, sleeping in late, but looking forward to his new teacher!  And do you know what I did this year?  I have pictures of everyone before they headed off to school... At the end of the year we will have to get a group photo!

Can you tell he is excited about his first day back to school?  (methinks he really isn't a morning person!)

What?  Where is Mr. Sunshine's smile?
(Can you tell they really want to get out the door?  They were so anxious to get to get to school and not be tardy.  You would think I was pulling teeth..)

Can you tell nerves were abounding this morning?
As you can tell everyone really wanted to get out the door... and no the older two were not late for school.  In fact they now leave a good 15 minutes later than they did on that 1st day! :)

And do you know what??? My dear sweet husband took Wednesday thru Friday off of that 1st week of school!!  Wednesday we went down to Indianapolis for our 20th anniversary.. A day spent shopping, hitting used book stores, time for a quick swim, dinner out, and then a movie!  I am truly blessed by this wonderful man God has given me!  He is thoughtful, kind, considerate, and I love his quirky sense of humor (which our "children" just don't seem to get and if they do it is usually accompanied by large sighs!!)


  1. hahaha Yes, they all look so thrilled you were taking pictures! :-)

  2. I think it is awesome that you still take pictures on the first day! I am really going to try to do that as mine get older...