Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A very Happy Mother's Day

Not much got done last weekend!  We were supposed to have a track meet but upon waking Saturday morning Sean's face was swollen, splotchy red, and itchy.  Ah, poison ivy or oak or sumac but poison something anyway!  He had gone on a class picnic on Wednesday in a wonderful park (please do not ask me the name... but he can tell you.)  There were trees to climb, fields to frolic in, and streams to fish.  And all manner of goodies to investigate.  Enter Thursday evening... slightly red, looks like wind/sun burn and they was plenty of both the previous day.  Friday was met with itching and then there was Saturday morning...  So off to the doctor we went as none of the remedies we had tried the day before had any effect!  As in zero, zilch, zip!!  I took Sean to the doctor and Chris took Ian to driver's ed!  A short time later we were on our way with a prescription and it was an afternoon filled with shopping.  Yes, you read correctly, shopping!  With two teenage boys and their younger brother!  They were so funny!  They did good... a couple of hours later we walked out of the mall w/ bags laden w/ new T-shirts, gorgeous khakis, new jeans, a couple of gift cards, and wallets only slightly lighter (think B I G sales, i.e. BOGO, 25% off in addition to lowest clearance price, etc!)  Saturday evening was spent ferrying to and from birthday parties in the country, eating pizza, and playing games!

Enter Sunday:  Church as a family, Driver's ed for Ian again, and then it was off to the movies.  Yes we went to a movie theatre... I know, unheard of but we did it.  We watched Iron Man 2, ate theatre popcorn, and then there was a drive in the country plus a leisurely walk through the park near our house afterwards.  Sunday's meal was leftover pizza, french sparkling lemon ade, and fresh strawberries followed by a rousing game of Skip-Bo.

All in all it was a fine Mother's Day weekend!! (Sunday turned out to be gorgeous after Saturday's blustery day!)

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