Friday, February 19, 2010


with two trucks! You should have seen the looks on their faces, fear and trepidation were written all over them! Where will everything go? Now we will find out exactly how big a 2-car garage is!! Keep us in mind today as they unload! Chris leaves for work in 4 hours so we shall see how much they can accomplish in that time especially since they were supposedly going to have been here an hour ago!

Think of me over the weekend and the coming weeks! Oh, if you happen to be in the Kokomo area in May, look us up! We will be having a GINORMIC garage/yard sale! Clothes, accessories, furniture, tools, books, kitchen ware, craft supplies... you name it!

Oh the second truck was virtually empty as it only contained the crate with the ATV and plow. One tractor trailer to go and Ian's bed just go here. Like Chris said "Feast or famine!" Right now, I'm lovin the feast!


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