Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good news.... plus kitchen update!

Ah today was a good day... We got THE call today! Our stuff will be delivered some time next week! Yippee, hurray, woo hoo!!! They will give me a call on Monday to give us a better idea of what day everything will be delivered. Now to start painting like mad, ha ha.

And the next bit of news is a few decisions have been made. First the outlet covers will be changed to chrome to match the hardware (it was in the previous post but not really visible.) After dropping Chris off at the airport in Indy today I stopped at Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and Crate n Barrel where I found a great tablecloth on clearance BIG TIME!

and saw a sample wall of this paint treatment. I fell in love!!

(color is a bit squirrely in this picture... hmm)

So I am thinking of painting the walls in Double Latte Tuscan accents and then make a valance from the fabric from this pattern. The cabinets might be stained a deeper chestnut color but that remains to be seen. We do own white cake porcelain cake stands and antique white metal cake stands plus 1 gallon glass jars which will be placed above the cabinets.

I'll be sure to keep you posted and please keep the suggestions coming in!


  1. OOOOO!!!! Pretty!!!! :-)

    Glad your HHGs will be there soon! Now get to painting, girl! LOL

  2. Cannot wait to see how it all comes together :)

  3. Thanks so much for the encouraging comment! You are a sweetie.
    Can't wait to see your house tour this week, and I love your fabrics.


  4. oooooohhh---sounds grand! Can't wait! If you are starting out with such a nice palatte...your additions will only become more stunning!

    So glad your stuff is FINALLY coming. How did you cook and CLOTHE?! Yay for NOT living out of a suitcase!