Friday, November 20, 2009

Foto Friday: Macro

Wow, this week has been crazy!! As most of you know we are moving in January so we are in the beginning stages of sorting and selling. In all honesty I don't remember most of this week! I just know that it is Friday... Oh now I am starting to remember. We had a band concert on Tuesday! It was wonderful watching all the "children" perform...

Not to change the subject but man is it ever cold here! We are breaking records right and left for lows... Today it is currently -35.1 below ZERO and still dropping. We have seen record lows off and on for the past week but according to the weather forecast we ought to see a warming trend. We may even see temperatures close to 10 ABOVE by Thanksgiving!! All of this was to explain why my "macro" picture as not outdoor pictures... ha ha!

By the way these pictures represent one of the loves in my life... cooking for our family and friends!

Hmm, I can see where I've been negligent is my cleaning recently.. Oops!

Take a gander over to Rebecca's at Renaissance to participate in this weeks challenge and to see all the incredible photos!! Next's weeks challenge is: THANKFUL. What a great challenge with it being Thanksgiving!!

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. YOu might better put your link in one more time over at my blog because you forgot the "o" in BLOGSPOT and so it isn't directing people here. Thankfully, I knew how to get here already :-)

    Pinecones was a GREAT idea for can't beat that for texture, can you?!

    PS.. That's how a lot of my canning jars are worries!

    PPS. Your kitchen is fabulous. TOTALLY jealous. IT's funny (and sad) that you leave as soon as they are done. I have heard that from so many people who move---they always fix things up to sell and wonder why it never happened when they could ENJOY it. You had less control over it then most. Here's hoping your Indiana kitchen is superb (and doesn't need a re-do! hehe)

  2. Peggy,

    I do hope that you find Indiana warmer than Alaska, though I'm sure it's beautiful where you are. Your kitchen is fabulous.

    I loved the pinecones, and the retro tablecloth. You can see the weave of the fabric quite well.

  3. You know what is so funny... when we started the kitchen redo we didn't know we were moving. We decided to repaint and then the appliances started dying! So we replaced them with some awesome ones that were one sale/scratch and dent plus had a military discount on top.. In all honesty I am looking forward to have another kitchen to redo!! I am so excited about the possiblities our "new" house will offer! Isn't it great what a couple of cans of paint can do!! I'll be posting more photos of the house as the day goes by but we off to head down to the base! Chris is off on Fridays but we need scan and fax out some documentation for the move... (and I get will get to meet you in person this summer as Chris said we are going to take some time to go back to the property!!! )

  4. Tracy, its not a table cloth.. Its my apron! Just a couple of years of hard love!! I love retro prints!!!

  5. Great pictures. The pine cones are my favorite.

    What are you going to do with all of the food that you canned? We ended up giving away so much before this last move. I hated giving it up, but it couldn't move with us. It was nice though as I know it blessed others.

    P.S. I quickly add my "copywrite tag" on my pictures when I upload them to photobucket as I get them ready to post. You can do it with any photo editing software. There are programs that will automatically add it to your pictures, but I haven't used them yet.

  6. "Devil dog wife",

    We are doing a partial DitY move so we will be able to pack a good deal of the less perishable food. However at the moment we are eating what we have on hand rather than buying groceries and we do have a few items which were canned for the sole purpose of being given as Christmas presents. We have never had any issues with the movers packing food items which were stored in tupperware such as flour, rice, and pasta. Hopefully such will be the case this time as well!!

    Thanks for the tip on the "copywrite tag". I will give it a try!

  7. HI Peggy!
    First, the kitchen looks fantastic! I do love red....
    Second, the pine cones and the bells are great!
    I love pinecones, and I wish our pine tree's would hurry up and produce some!

  8. Beautiful photos! WOW!! That kitchen! I love the pinecones!