Friday, November 06, 2009

This week's Foto Challenge: Dress-Up really was a CHALLENGE! We had our dress-up session last week and some how no pictures were taken... The guys really aren't that into dress up. I wonder why? Have you ever noticed when "boys" are little they are right in the midst of the "dress-up"? But when they get older (especially as teens) they seem to baulk at the idea... Henceforth my dilemma... but last night my husband came to the rescue! No it wasn't intentional, just him being his normal silly self.
(The thing on his head is the cover off the heating pad, we were folding laundry... ha ha!)
And all these years I wondered why our boys were always putting things on their heads!?! Apparently they came by it naturally!!

My sweet Babboo trying to squeeze himself into a queen size pillow case.. "LOOK Mom, I'm an Evan in a Bag! you know like a Jack in a Box..."

Drop on over to Renaissance to view all the other participants and to join in! Next week's challenge: LEAVES! Hmm, I am thinking this will have to be a week of true creativity as our leaves are mostly gone... OH I know!! Okay, so hopefully I'll see you next week!

I know this isn't part of the challenge but I am looking for information! So maybe it is a challenge of sorts... We are looking for information on the area around Peru or Kokomo, Indiana. If you or your families have ever lived in the area or you have friends in the area... Any information would be greatly appreciated! We still don't know when we will be moving but are planning as if it will be during the last two weeks of December (better safe than sorry) as it could be a very last minute move!!


  1. Chuckle, chuckle, snort, chuckle chuckle
    The first one is SO something my husband would do! Like yours he is also always putting things on his head!

  2. In a houseful of boys...someone is ALWAYS doing something goofy! LOVE it...especially that heating pad/hat! great job!

  3. Great job.. but your hubby gets first prize today.. hehehehe

  4. LOL! :) What a kind hubby to help you out with your photo challenge! :)


  5. Amy,

    In all honesty he had forgotten all about the photo challenge and was just being goofy! When I grabbed the camera he hammed it up even more (those were the ones I chose not to post.. hee hee he!)but was gracious enough to allow me to post them! He really is a great sport and so fun!! I love my husband's drool sense of humor even if it does make our boys groan... :)

  6. What a fun guy you have! (and little guy too. And he DOES fit!!!)

  7. What a GREAT husband you have!!! :D AWESOME that he did this for you!

  8. The pic of your hubby cracked me up! He is quite a guy! :)

    We used to live in Indiana when I was a kid but we lived in a few other places (Muncie, Anderson, and Lafayette) Sorry I don't know too much about the Kokomo area!