Saturday, November 14, 2009

Next week's Foto Friday Challenge... macro

I know I didn't post any pictures this week but I still wanted to pass on next week's challenge. Macro photography! It is one of my favorite forms of photography and am excitedly awaiting all the great tidbits Rebecca can share!!

It looks like this week is going to be busy as well with the Thanksgiving/Fall concert at school, science fair, Wednesday prayer meeting, Boy Scouts, and Youth Group. I don't think we have a free night between Monday night and Saturday night but the whole weekend is free. And we have no plans over Thanksgiving. Okay,no plans aside from a generalized whole house cleaning, sorting, and selling spree. Anyone interested in some Christmas shopping? Maybe I should do a giveaway... It is crazy all the stuff we have to giveaway and/or sell. We talked about a "yard" sale but it is just too cold at -10 to be doing that kind of thing. I think we are going to post a list at the local grocery store and post office of some for sale items. If you know of anyone looking for homeschool curriculum please let me know! We have supplies and curriculum we are planning to sell for a song (just slightly more than our mailing costs)!! I would rather it go to someone I know or someone whom a friend could recommend that really needs the blessing!

This is a close up of the owl who frequents our "backyard"! A truly magnificent bird who the boys have seen up close and personnal as there was a slight altercation with our small dog. The dog was unscathed and the owl flew off to return another day!

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. I'm in the same boat as you Peggy. I could really have a slam bang yard sale but it just isn't the season. I just keep bagging up stuff and donating it. Boy do I wish I could sell it instead though, buying a house is sure expensive! Maybe I ought to consider a giveaway myself for the whole 5 people who read my blog hahahaha :)

    We are moving only about a mile away. But it feels far because the neighborhood we are moving into is the *perfect* place. It's on a quiet tree lined street with all nice homes and people who care about their properties.

    Our home right now is in a very diverse neighborhood. The street on the front side of the house is decent, however the street on the side part of the house is really crummy and down the street from us are really sketchy people. I cannot leave my little ones outside to play alone. We have a security system on our house, etc...

    So although we aren't moving far, it will feel like another world to us!

    We will be using a moving van to transport our belongings as well as numerous mini-van trips :)

    That owl is Amazing!! He is HUGE! Good thing your dog wasn't harmed!

    My email address is godscanvasatyahoodotcom if you wanted to email me but snailmail pals would be fun after we've both moved :)

    Have a good day sorting!!!