Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prayer request... even if it does seem silly!: Updated

Well, today isn’t much of a post but more of a prayer request! Over the next couple of weeks I am sorting through our stuff… This is a momentous task for me as I am a PACK RAT, yes, I admit it. I am a confirmed hoarder of goods. You saw my pantry list, right? Well, it is evident in all areas of our house. If you need it, I might possibly have it. A manual meat grinder, got it. Crystal Liberty bell, got it.. Looking for a recipe, I am sure I could help you out from my collection of books. So the task set before me is quite, hmm what is the word I am looking for, overwhelming but it must be done before Chris retires. Yes, I know that isn’t for another three years but can you imagine what it would be like if I waited until then. Any way, we will be so busy with selling the house, Ian graduating and moving/retirement plans, in general, that it would be just too much. So now I start…
As I said before I will really appreciate all your prayers! The sorting is hard for me as there are memories connected to pretty much everything, whether it was a gift, belonged to Grandma Rose, Mom, or is just plain neat. So at times it can and does overwhelm me. And as you can see we are also in the midst of a kitchen/dining/living room “remodel” as well. Okay you can’t see right now but there will be pictures to follow! I promise!

And here we have the after... and it only took 5 weeks to get the picture posted!! Ugh...

As you can it was a preserving day when we took the picture. I think we ended up getting 7 pints of relish, 7 pints of pickled cabbage, 8 pints of pickles, and a quart of dried celery. Not bad even if I do say so myself!!

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