Monday, July 06, 2009

I am back! Okay, so we are back... well most of us! I am going to try and post some pictures today. As you can see it is an eerie yellow out this afternoon which is caused by the smoke from wildfires. (Our morning started out somewhat bright, but now it is so still) The fires are being monitored but not fought as there are no structures being threatened. This is common practice for the hinterlands of Alaska as there are literally thousands upon thousands of acres of uninhabited lands. By the way, we can even see bits of ash floating in the air!
(Mount St. Helen National Park, temperate rain forest, funny how we would come home to ash...)

We had a marvelous trip! We started out at my cousin's house. She and her family graciously opened their home to us while in Denver. It was so nice to strengthen and build new relationships! God has truly blessed us with a wonderful family. During our time in Denver we made a side trip to Bridgeport, NE to help celebrate the 80th birthdays of my Uncle John and Aunt Barb. We were able to see so many that we haven't seen in years and Evan met many cousins and great-aunts and uncles. My baby boy also turned 10 on the day we landed in Denver! How can that be!! After Denver we once again took to the skies this time landing in Seattle. If you ever have the opportunity, please visit the IKEA store not far from the airport. It is such a fun store. Okay, I guess you need to be into European style decor and furniture. And food! It was now time to head down to the National Tae Kwon Do tournament (the reason behind our trip) I was so proud of the boys and their efforts! Ian placed 1st in patterns, 3rd in sparring, Sean placed 2nd in sparring, and Evan competed with a severe sunburn! The final leg of the trip was 4 days spent in and around Tacoma, WA with a short visit to downtown Seattle. I would love to spend several days exploring downtown Seattle (namely Pikes Place Market.)

We are now back home and I must say it sure is good to be home! I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz "There's no place like home!"

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