Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well, the time has come to actually start journaling about our stay here in Alaska. I mulled it over, signed up, deleted the blog, started over and here we are again! Okay so we've been here a while (only 4 years but who's counting) but better late than never, right?

Just a note of warning: I am a rambler.. I come from a family where we carry on multiple conversations at a time, sometimes with more than one person! We love our family, food, and conversation! Hubby's family is a bit more subdued (well sorta) .... which I think is great because one needs diversity in their life!

Many of you who read this are related! Hi cousins!! And some are friends whom we have never met (but soon will). And well the rest, hopefully you won't be too bored! As I become adept at this you will see pictures of God's beauty which surrounds us daily.

I won't promise you a daily or sometimes even weekly posting but I am willing to share a glimpse into our lives with you! Hope you enjoy the journey!!

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  1. I came from a family of multiple conversations at once, also. I often talk to my friends in this way. It's funny, we can follow the conversations; but, our husbands think it's crazy.