Friday, January 13, 2012

Chalkboard wall

As many of you know I bit the bullet and made a commitment to get all the rooms in our house finished prior to graduation this spring.  For a while I was so overwhelmed with the size of our new home, then it was the construction of the addition, and finally the camel that broke the straws back straw that broke the camel's back was years of emotional baggage.  Let's just leave it at I have a godly husband who is such a blessing.  Which brings me back to the kitchen and decorating... after some late night discussions I realized that I've been far too concerned about trying to do things the way I thought other's thought I ought to be doing things... Are you still with me?  Good because I'm not to sure I'm with me.. ha ha! :)  That being said inspiration has struck or rather God opened my eyes to the potential.  And do you know what I discovered??? My husband really likes my ideas!!!!  plus he has some great ones of his own!!!

Wow, where was I going with this??? Oh yeah the chalkboard wall... years and years ago we had lunch at the cutest little restaurant in Estes Park... in the middle of winter... and we were the only customers.  Just Chris and me.  And all of their tables had chalkboard tops and they had a chalkboard wall.  Well I've wanted one EVERY since... (by the way, the meal was delicious, the waiter hilarious, and the company incredible! now if only we could remember the name of the cafe!!)

So without any further adieu.... the new chalkboard wall!

The details:
chalkboard paint: Lowe's several years ago for another project

*edited 7/27/2012: this is probably one of my most economical projects to date as the quart can of chalkboard paint has now been used to paint TWO chalkboard walls as well as DOZENS of vinyl labels for containers plus a minimum of 36 tags for baskets & gift cards.

basket: first one I ever wove
bag: fabric leftover from a project... turned inside out
garlic: from this past summer's CSA
clock: brought back many moons ago from Chris' deployment to Riyadh
plant, bucket and rod: Ikea last year w/ a gift card

So as you can see we are using, reusing, and repurposing what we already have.  It is so much fun seeing a room come together and knowing that my family loves it as well!  

Hope you have a great weekend!  Stop back by to see how things are progressing... :)  

'til later!

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  1. i've got one planned for the basement as well as in the dining room. I'm not sure which one I should do first. This looks great!

  2. love a great chalkboard! :) I just realized your layout is a lot like my aunts. She put a chalkboard right in the same place you did.


  3. WOW!! It looks amazing! Really you did such a great job and it looks beautiful. And to top it off you have been so "Eco Friendly"

  4. What an amazing idea! I have been planning one for my kids' playroom, but I never thought about putting a chalkboard wall into the main part of the house. I will be doing this one! Thanks so much!

  5. Ohhh the placement is so perfect here! I just think chalkboards totally belong in a kitchen! Nice call. :)