Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Homemade Christmas

A Homemade Christmas at">

We do not do an entirely homemade Christmas but each year a portion of our giving has been homemade. What may have started out as a need years ago has now turned into a desire! I love making crafting things for my family and friends. To fit the gift to their particular likes or needs. A chance to pamper them a bit! So as our days seem to be getting busier by the hour as Christmas approaches and we prepare for the move I will take a little extra time to think and lift up in prayer those we hold dear to our hearts!

Here is but a preview of some of the things being crafted and recrafted for our dear ones this year:

Bundles of crocheted kitchen wash clothes.

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  1. I love to crochet washcloths! Actually, I mostly use them as cleaning rags for the kitchen--so much nicer than sponges.